About the program
 Ex-Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams with SoldiersFormer NFL star Roy Williams (second from left) visits with servicemen during a visit to the OBA Boot Camp CLE.

The OKLAHOMA LAWYERS FOR AMERICA'S HEROES PROGRAM (OLAHP) was launched on Veterans Day 2010 to provide legal advice and assistance to those who have honorably served this country. Through this program, lawyers from across this Great State stand at the ready to give legal advice and assistance to Oklahoma's veterans, retirees, enlisted service members, guard members, and reserve members.

OUR MISSION is to offer free one-on-one legal advice and assistance to our nation's service members, past and present, who have honorably defended our freedoms, and who otherwise cannot afford or do not have access to the legal services they need. Whether it is help with a disability claim, family law issues, landlord-tenant problems, consumer rights questions, or other legal issue which might befall our men and women in uniform, Oklahoma Lawyers are ready to help.

...just as no one is left behind on the battlefield, no one who has honorably served this country should be left behind in the legal system or denied access to justice...

Lawyers specially trained in issues relevant to our military heroes have volunteered to give legal assistance to qualified servicemen and women and veterans, free of charge. This service ranges from just answering a few legal questions to going into courtrooms across this state to fight for those who have fought for our freedoms. Those same freedoms that lawyers fight to preserve in courtrooms across this nation were earned by the blood, sweat, tears, and too often, the lives of everyone who ever wore a military uniform for this country. Those sacrifices should not be in vain.

The needs of America's veterans, enlisted service members, guard members. and reserve members are great. They take on their missions at great personal sacrifice and great sacrifice to their families. Many programs exist through state and federal government and charitable organizations to assist America's Heroes with a myriad of issues —
medical, mental health, home loans, financial planning, substance abuse, and reintegration into society, to name a few. Oklahoma lawyers are the only ones standing at the ready to meet the legal needs of  those who have honorably served this Great Nation.

We cannot guarantee services to all who request our assistance, but we will strive to assist those who qualify for the Heroes program and referral to other resources for those who need assistance outside the scope of the Heroes program.

Our goal

The goal of the OBA and the Oklahoma Lawyers for America's Heroes Program (OLAHP) is to ensure that, just as no one should left behind on the battlefield, no one who has honorably served this country should be left behind in the legal system or denied access to justice.

We are dedicated to serve those who have served our country honorably.