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Welcome.  In order to best help you, we need you to register before submitting your request for assistance. We have split this section into three different options based on your duty status.  Just click the appropriate link and you will be taken to the account registration page.
Veterans and Retirees
If you are no longer actively serving in any of the branches of military service, begin here.

Title 10 Service Members

United States Code (USC) Title 10 status means the service member is paid under direct control of the federal government.  If you are currently on active duty, a reserve component service member, or serving on USC Title 10 orders, begin here.

Title 32 Service Members

USC Title 32 status means servicemembers are paid and trained by the United States armed services, but are under the command of their respective state governors.  The most common use of USC Title 32 is with the National Guard.  If you are a National Guard service member, or serving on Title 32 orders, begin here.
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