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Legislative Report — 56th Legislature

The Second Session of the 56th Legislature convened on Feb. 5 and will end May 25, 2018. The OBA Legislative Monitoring Committee meets regularly and is watching legislative activity.

Day at the Capitol - Tuesday, March 6, 2018

List of Attorney Legislators - A total of 149 elected representatives and senators serve in the Oklahoma Legislature. The OBA is proud of its 23 lawyer members, who represent 15 percent of the House and Senate in Oklahoma.

Legislative News: Bills of Interest

By Angela Ailles Bahm

The Legislative Monitoring Committee continues to be actively engaged for the benefit of the bar association. The committee has already organized and held Legislative Reading Day and Day at the Capitol. My objective from here forward is to continue to keep you posted on legislation that may impact your area of expertise. However, for that I need your help.

Following is a list of bills that were discussed at Legislative Reading Day. Did you create a list using the free tracking service on the Legislature’s website, Are you still keeping track of these bills through your personal list? Is there something new others need to know?

The committee has broadened its membership significantly. Again, my hope is to engage as many people as possible so we can help the Legislature avoid “unintended consequences.” I have heard it said many times, and I absolutely believe, that your legislator wants – and needs – your advice and counsel. I urge you to continue to use the resources at the bar association and through the free services on the Legislature’s website. Get to know your legislator, and be an honest broker for accurate information.

As always if you have any suggestions or if there are any bills you would like to have posted in the Legislative Monitoring Committee’s MyOKBar Community, please let me know.

Family Law
Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Judge Sheila Stinson.
HB 1008
HB 1257
HB 1363
HB 1418
HB 1442 Child Support/Exclude Military Disability Compensation
HB 1469
HB 1818
HB 1980
HB 2185
HB 2573 Child Support/Health Insurance
HB 2694
HB 2955
HB 3286
SB 93
SB 149
SB 198
SB 681
SB 776
SB 979
SB 1017
SB 1122
SB 1298
SB 1427 Suspension of Child Support Obligation

Criminal Law
Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Bobby Don Gifford and Ed Blau.
Many bills in Title 21 dealing with Criminal Justice Reform
HB 1361
HB 1771
HB 1726
HB 3226
SB 251
SB 655
SB 969
SB 1021
SB 1738

Estate Planning/Banking/General Business
Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Miles Pringle.
HB 2533 Min. Wage
HB 2542 Auto Sales Exemption
HB 3034
HB 3028 Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
HB 3297
HB 3534 Estate/Elder Protection
SB 1214 Fire Arm Freedom Act
SB 1532 Consumer Protection
SB 1174, SB 1475 Freedom to Work Act
SB 1003 Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
SB 1018 Okla. Decanting Act
SB 1082 High-Speed Railroads

Civil Procedure/Courts
Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Matthew Wade.
HB 2863 Continuance for Legislators
HB 3482 Atty Fee for State
HB 3029, HB 3396, HB 3341 Voting/Proof of Citizenship
HB 2306
HB 2538 Marital Status/Insurance Premiums
HB 3232 Uninsured Motorist
SB 947, SB 1006, SB 1019 Legislative Vacancies/Penalties
SB 1108
SB 1136 Products Liability
SB 1299 Request for Production
SB 1550 Evidence

Natural Resources/Oil and Gas
Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Tanner Hicks.
HB 3282 Service Animals
HB 2531, HB 2611, HB 2842, HB 2875, HB 3440 Gross Production Tax
HB 2775, SB 1143, SB 974 Prod. Revenue Stds Act
SB 1476 Municipal, State Drilling Permits
HB 2775, SB 1143, SB 974 “Well Bashing”
HB 2890, HB 3052 Vertical and Horizontal Operators
HB 2892, HB 2989, HB 3056 OCC Fees

Presented on Legislative Reading Day by Robert Clark.
HB 2764 Consolidation in School Districts
HB 2895 AG Confiscate Campaign Funds
HB 2806 Initiative Petitions Be Written for Public Understanding
HB 2910 Consolidate OSBI and OSBN
HB 3032 Prohibits School Grades
HB 3130 Charter Schools
HB 3357 Schools Sell Ads on Buses
SB 422 Reorganize HR/Pers. Admin.
SB 488
SB 920 Combines School Districts of 200 Students or Less
SB 1013 Accounting Standards for State Agencies
SB 1200 Universities, etc., Adopt Policies Affirming Free Speech
SB 1014
SB 1400 Move Dept of Commerce to Lt. Gov.
SB 1457 Wildlife is the Property of “Almighty God”

Ailles Bahm is the managing attorney of State Farm’s in-house office and also serves as the Legislative Monitoring Committee chairperson. She can be contacted via email.


The Legislative Monitoring Committee focuses on the following measures:

administration of justice;
Court organization, selection, tenure, salary and other incidents of the judicial office;
  Rules and laws affecting practice and procedure in the courts and in administrative bodies exercising adjudicatory functions;
The practice of law
  OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 3

Legislative Proposals and Endorsements in Principle:

The House of Delegates has the authority to place a measure on the Legislative Program or to endorse it in principle, with at least a 60% vote.
  OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 5

Action by the Association upon proposals for improvement of the law by legislation or by judicial rule shall consist of:

Adoption as part of the Legislative Program of the Association;
Endorsement in principle.
  OBA Bylaws Art. VIII Sec 2