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OBA Day of Service Reaches Across the State

Because of the OBA Day of Service, a police officer in Stillwater now has a will that protects his family and their assets should the unthinkable happen.  A Tulsa infant in crisis received much-needed baby formula.  A senior citizen in Bartlesville knows how to protect herself from predatory Internet scams targeting the elderly. These acts of kindness were carried out by Oklahoma attorneys in response to President Stuart’s call to give of themselves and serve.

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President Stuart and the YLD tirelessly encouraged bar leaders all over the state to take part in the first-ever OBA Day of Service that took place on Sept. 20-21.

The project’s goal was simple: Get attorneys into the community and have them give back, no project too big or too small. Fifty-seven projects in 52 counties involving 60 county bars, law firms, law schools and other legal groups were carried out in association with the OBA Day of Service. 

Project beneficiaries ran the gamut. Infants in crisis, the elderly, special need students, veterans, first responders, families struggling with hunger, abused women, victims of sex trafficking and at-risk students, to mention a few, are all just a little bit better off because of the Day of Service.  And so is the profession as a whole.

Attorneys are sometimes (maybe often) perceived publicly as greedy or intimidating.  But when attorneys give selflessly and serve, negative impressions change.  It’s our hope that the OBA Day of Service inspired continued service to local communities and those in need.  If it improved the image of attorneys in the process, great.  But that’s not the reason to serve.

Hefty case loads, family commitments, an ever-lengthening list of things you should do, they eclipse charitable intents.  But service enriches lives of the served and the serving.  As Sir Winston Churchill put it, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”