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Oklahoma Attorneys Graduate from Leadership Academy

“leadershipFront row, from left: Chris Trojan, Ashley Rahill, Lorena Rivas, Jennifer Prilliman, Cesar Tavares, Scott Morgan; second row: Kara Smith, Jenn Tupps, Brittini Jagers, Jimmy Oliver, Tai Du, Jason McVicker, Stephanie Jackson; third row: Mary Caldwell, Maureen Johnson, Sherry Hukill, Blake Lynch, Thad Balkman, Lloyd Landreth, Matt Felty and Craig Regens

Twenty-three Oklahoma attorneys recently graduated from the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Leadership Academy. Graduates completed the academy’s training in leadership, motivation and communication.

“Lawyers are selected to participate in the Leadership Academy based on factors including a demonstrated willingness to serve the legal profession and their communities,” said OBA President Renee DeMoss.  “Through participation in the Academy, they improve and enhance their leadership skills, and become even stronger leaders.”


Originating from the OBA’s Leadership Conference in 2007, the academy is aimed at developing the future leaders of the OBA by giving Oklahoma attorneys training in the core principles of effective leadership as well as how to communicate, motivate and succeed in their legal careers and as community leaders.  The 2013-2014 group is the fourth class to graduate from the academy.

The OBA Leadership Academy included five sessions, beginning September 2013 and ending April 2014.  Sessions were led by experienced leaders from various backgrounds including military officers, former OBA presidents, leadership experts and high profile public officials.

More information about the Leadership Academy is available on the OBA website.


Christopher Trojan, Solo Practitioner

Lloyd Landreth of Landreth Law Firm PLC

Blake Lynch of Wagner and Lynch PLLC

Thad Balkman, District Judge for Cleveland County

Oklahoma City
Mary Caldwell, Solo Practitioner
Tai Du of Tai C. Du PC
Matthew Felty of Lytle, Soule & Curlee PC
Stephanie Jackson of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Brittini Jagers of Jagers & Johnson PLLC
Jennifer Prilliman of Oklahoma City University School of Law
Ashley Rahill of Cathy Christensen & Associates PC
Craig Regens of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Oklahoma
Kara Smith of the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services
Cullen Sweeney of the 10th District Court of Appeals
Jennifer Tupps of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Diana Vermeire of GableGotwals

Sheree Hukill of P&S Legal Advocacy PLLC

Jimmy Oliver of the Law Office of Melissa DeLacerda

Maureen Johnson
Jason McVicker of McAfee & Taft
Scott Morgan of Moyers, Martin, Santee & Imel LLP
Cesar Tavares of GableGotwals
Lorena Rivas Tiemann of the Law Offices of Guthrie & Rivas PLLC