The Law-related Education Department of the Oklahoma Bar Association was established in 1989 to further the goal of increasing public service and enhancing public understanding of the law and the legal system. LRE endeavors to educate citizens in a constitutional democracy and to create an active and responsible citizenry.


Aims and Objectives

  1. To develop an ongoing program in Oklahoma elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and to reach adults in the community to facilitate a better understanding and greater awareness of the rule of law and our system of justice.
  2. To work in conjunction with representatives from other professions and organizations, and to provide the leadership and necessary teaching tools to carry out this program.
  3. To work with local and county bar associations and with public school teachers in the classrooms at the local level, and in the training programs in our colleges and universities, in seminars, and with other civic organizations.
  4. To communicate the expertise and knowledge of the lawyer about our system of justice to the teacher, or students, or both, as well as to adults in the community by participating in curriculum development, teacher training, and actual classroom and community presentations.
  5. To help coordinate all activities of the program at the state and local levels and act as liaison between attorneys and teachers and civic organizations in the local communities.
  6. To eventually develop and expand the program to include regional seminars for teachers taught by lawyers, video-tape presentations for educational television, the awarding of recognition or scholarships to teachers and/or students for work in the program.