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2017-18 Case (Oct. 31)  |  Forms Available

In mock trials, high school students in grades 9 through 12 model the roles of attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants. They actively prepare and present their cases under the direct supervision of teacher coaches and attorney advisors. Although these are mock trials, they are heard by real judges in a courtroom setting. Student performance is evaluated by a panel of lawyers.

By interpreting, analyzing and portraying the major issues of a case, students obtain a unique insider's perspective of the American legal process. Participants develop self-esteem, poise and confidence through both individual and team efforts.

The program helps students develop public speaking skills, encourages deductive and inductive reasoning, sharpens reading comprehension, stimulates interest in governmental studies and increases appreciation for our judicial system as a means of enforcing society's laws.

Take a few minutes to see what Mock Trial is all about by viewing the video below explaining our program through personal testimonials from students, teachers and attorney coaches. It will inspire you to become involved in this outstanding educational opportunity. You will be excited and want to use this as a recruitment tool within you school. Enjoy.


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