2017 Law Day Art and Writing Contest Winners

The Law Day annual art and writing contests for Pre-K through 12th-grade students was a success with nearly 900 entries from 49 different schools centered on this year's theme, "The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy." Contest winners were honored March 31 during a ceremony in the Supreme Court Ceremonial Court Room at the state Capitol hosted by Chief Justice Douglas Combs. More than $3,700 in prize money was distributed to first- and second-place winners and all other students who entered received a certificate of participation. Congratulations to all of our 2017 Law Day Contest winners! 

Grand Prize Winner: 

Rachel Blitz, Classen School of Advances Studies

Eighth Grade Art

Pre-K Coloring

First Place: Amelia Kwok, Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Logan Rhodes, Graham-Dustin Elementary

Honorable MentionsRylan Adams, Graham-Dustin Elementary; Marlee Prawl, Covenant Community School; Destiny Galloway, Idabel Primary South; Gabriella Yett, Idabel Primary South; Laken Jones, Idabel Primary South; Trystin Hammonds, Idabel Primary South; 

Kindergarten Coloring

First Place: Sophie Buchanan, Virginia Smith Elementary

Second Place: Beau Russell, Prairie View Elementary School

Honorable Mentions: Amerie Bryson, All Saints Catholic School; Kensy Beasley, Temple Elementary School; Inman Massie, East Side Elementary; Tyson Flickenger, Salina Elementary School; Brandon Benton, Seiling Elementary School; Claire Perron, Seiling Elementary School; Keira Griffin, Seiling Elementary School; Alex McDaniel, East Side Elementary

First Grade Writing

First Place: Elizabeth Kwok, Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Wyatt Reding, Covenant Community School

First Grade Art

First Place: Kross Perkins, Hope Christian Academy

Second Place: Kaden Kehler, Hope Christian Academy

Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Kwok,  Nichols Hills Elementary; Emily Rickey, Hope Christian Academy

Second Grade Art

First Place: Paetyn Gilliam, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Ms. Leeta Carter’s 2016-2017 Class, Hope Christian Academy (Asher Caughron, Ashlynn Gaither, Eli Eddington, Jaycie Dunn, Justen Thurman, Lane Barnes, Levi McDermott)

Honorable Mention: Donavan Jennings, Woodrow Wilson Elementary; Lillian Geohagan, Woodrow Wilson Elementary; Violet Morales, Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Third Grade Writing

First Place: Arabella Brooks, West Nichols Hills Elementary

Second Place: Bradey Sims, Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Third Grade Art

First Place: Ms. Teresa Mayberry's 2016-2017 Class, Hope Christian Academy (students names to come)

Second Place: Derek Trotter, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mention: Natalie Bryant, Covenant Community School

Fourth Grade Writing

First Place: James Pierson, Nichols Elementary

Second Place: Cameron Cummings, Nichols Elementary

Honorable Mentions: Gabriela Jaime, Nichols Elementary

Fourth Grade Art

First Place: Trevor Grace, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Makenna Stephenson, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Sam Hagerty, Covenant Community School

Fifth Grade Writing

First Place: Emma Eppler, Nichols Elementary

Second Place: Haydan Davis, Nichols Elementary

Honorable Mention: Korbyn Bowers, Nichols Elementary; Kaydence Harjo, Nichols Elementary

Fifth Grade Art

First Place: Austin Buchanan, Russell Babb Elementary

Second Place: Christian Campbell, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Kennedie Sanders, Covenant Community School

Sixth Grade Art

First Place: Kaylee Rose, Pocola Middle School

Second Place: Lilly Kelley, Pocola Middle School

Honorable Mentions: Heidi Hembree, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Kady Hansen, Covenant Community School; Takoda Blue Duck Slavens, Pocola Middle School

Seventh Grade Writing

First Place: Zane Gailey, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Wyatt Hood, Oklahoma Christian Academy

Seventh Grade Art

First Place: Harley Angel, Covenant Community School

Second Place: Bailee Walters, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mentions: Kai Day, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Noah Campbell, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Lucy Ahne, Pocola Middle School; Thomas Buchanan, Harrah Middle School

Eighth Grade Writing

First Place: Lexis Nolen, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Second Place: Daniel Allen, St. John's Episcopal School

Eighth Grade Art

First Place: Wendy Aguilar, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Second Place: Kinley Downing, Middle School of Piedmont

Honorable Mention: Carson Robinson, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Ethan Howard, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Nathan Anderson, Tonkawa Mid-High School; Kourtney Davis, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Ranger Alexander Long, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Ninth Grade Writing

First Place: Katie McQuay, Hope Christian Academy

Second Place: Julia Hua, Norman North High School

Ninth Grade Art

First Place: Katie Williams, Pocola High School

Second Place: Winston Kirby, Covenant Community School

Honorable Mention
: Hollis Horstman, Covenant Community School

10th Grade Writing

First Place: Karina Feng, Norman North High School

Second Place: Gabriel Mendelson, Lawton High School

Honorable Mention: Miracle Chatman, Lawton High School

10th Grade Art

First Place: Helena Singleton, Booker T. Washington High School

Second Place: Haileigh Saulter, Pocola High School

Honorable Mention: Aneesa Saeed, Chisholm High School

11th Grade Writing

First Place: Johnna Scott, Pawnee High School

Second Place: Kylie Romeros, Lawton High School

Honorable Mentions
: Alyssa Vetter, Pawnee High School; Harrison Wyatt, Covenant Community School

11th Grade Art

First Place: Lauren Ball, Chisholm High School

Second Place: Savanna Dockins, Chisholm High School

Honorable Mentions:  Braycee Stute, Chisholm High School; Christian Grammer, Chisholm High School; Ryen Tusk, Chisholm High School

12th Grade Writing

First Place: Tyson Smith, Pawnee High School

Second Place: Hanna Zapada, Kiefer High School & Junior High

Honorable Mention: Cree Roughface, Pawnee High School; Mariah VanJura, Covenant Community School; Rebekah Peek, Covenant Community School; Darian Doctor, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Devan Bryce Choate, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Lorena Luey, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Payton Sharbutt, Kiefer High School & Junior High; Sonnie Palmatary, Pawnee High School; Jario Campos, Parkview Adventist Academy; Nia Tameifuna, Parkview Adventist Academy

12th Grade Art

First Place: Abigail Alfred, Pauls Valley High School

Second Place: Ryan Richter, Chisholm High School

Honorable Mentions: Bailey Brown, Chisholm High School; Dylan Reneau, Chisholm High School; Kaitlyn Kirkegard, Chisholm High School; Lawson Broadbent, Chisholm High School; Kristin Phelps, Tonkawa Mid-High School

Honorable Mentions: